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TLS PretonCloud

Maintain Document Quality Whilst Reducing Document Costs By 30% or More


TLS PretonCloud provides a unique and innovative cloud based solution which maintains document quality whilst directly reducing the volume of consumables used in print by an average of 30%. The Management Information provided by the software and its built in printer management routines can reduce costs by a further 20% or more. TLS PretonCloud works with all makes and models of printer which use ink, toner, gel or solid ink. It has no impact on the printer or its life and will not adversely affect equipment warranty or maintenance agreements.


The majority of Schools and Colleges are not aware of their “true cost of print”, very few understand the print process and the “wastage” which printer manufacturers have relied on to maximise their profits and those of their dealers at the expense of the end user.


All PC pixels are square:

PC pixel


Printer Manufacturers standardised on a circular pixel format:



The result of this difference in standards is that when pixels are printed, there is a significant overlap which results in the use of about 30% additional consumable which makes no contribution to the document or its quality.





The patented mathematical algorithms in TLS PretonCloud remove this wasted toner or ink which does not contribute to the document image providing an immediate financial and environmental saving. The saving can be further enhanced by selectively removing unnecessary pixels to produce documents “fit for purpose” at a higher saving if required.


Measurable Savings
With TLS PretonCloud your savings are not theoretical. Consumable usage is monitored across all printers used with the gross cost of print and the savings achieved by Preton calculated and reported,  The accuracy of the reporting and the savings claimed has been proven both by leading consultants (Gartner, IDC, Frost & Sullivan etc as well as Lab tests by NHS, Local Authorities etc).


 The key fact is that a School can instantly view and manage their print with a wide range of configurable reports and a Dashboard overview. With the detail available on who has printed, from which application, when and to which printer the detail is available to actively manage the printer fleet. The information available allows a School to drive down print costs further and by actively managing the printer fleet most organisations can reduce their costs by a further 20%.




Comprehensive Print Rules
TLS PretonCloud puts the control over printing back in your hands. With PretonSaver Enterprise™ you can easily define print rules for active printers, users, groups, as well as for applications. Rules include page and colour usage privileges and quotas, enforcement of Duplex printing where available, automatic omission of images for specific users/applications, and much more. By implementing such rules the cost of print can be reduced and waste eliminated.


Remote Data Collection
To help a Schools busy IT Department TLS PretonCloud collects networked MFD and printer information, service alerts, and consumable levels for all managed devices. To assist IT when incidence  arise low toner, paper jam etc the system can be configured to automatically raise an email for IT or a third party service provider. At month end meter readings can be automatically collected if required. By providing this information, TLS PretonCloud enables a busy School IT Department to simplify and minimise their workload. The software also allows improvements in consumable handling and ordering.


Ease of Installation
Because TLS PretonCloud is web based there is no need for new equipment, neither is there the demand on IT to run an additional application. To install the software requires about 2 hours for a Windows proficient IT person and the School can go live on default settings.


Once the installation is live, savings can be tuned and increased where the School considers appropriate.


Advanced Security
The Cloud servers used for Preton are located on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud and are compliant with ISO 27001 standards. All communication and data transfers between the customer’s network and the Preton Cloud servers are secured and encrypted. At no time does any document leave the School premises.



  • Toner and ink optimisation
  • Real-time device service alerts
  • Supplies level information
  • Print rules and policies
  • Print reports and statistics
  • Automated reports
  • Provides a cross-reference of users, drivers, printers, applications and machines
  • Seamlessly intergrates into all Windows environments


The implementation of TLS PretonCloud allows a school to actively manage their print processes and achieve savings of 30%+ from the reduced consumable consumption. The low monthly cost (print output related) can be funded from the savings made. TeamLogic believes that an additional saving of 20% or more can be expected, making a total saving of about 50%.


If an organisation prefers to run the software on their own equipment in-house then an Enterprise version of  PretonSaver™ is available from TeamLogic on academic terms.


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