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Our software will reduce your use of toner, paper & electricity, and so reduce your budget as well

Welcome to TeamLogic, the independent source of software and consultancy

TeamLogic [TL] understands both the budgetary reductions faced by most organisations, and the necessity for continuous systems improvement to keep pace with continually advancing technology. A significant factor in the growth of TL has been its ability to propose systems which can lower both financial and environmental costs without the need for new investment. TL has the experience, the software resources and the skills to help organisations of any size to minimise their risks and enjoy the latest technology and the cost reductions available.

Our range of premium cost effective services are supported by strong Service Level Agreements [SLAs] and experienced professional staff. This provides businesses the opportunity to concentrate on their core business activities whilst delegating the responsibilities for specialist IT activities to experts.

Whether you are a Public or Private Sector organisation and whether you are seeking an “in-house” or a “Cloud” based solution TL can reduce your costs and risks ensuring that you benefit from the Digital Revolution.

Managed Service solutions

By moving to a Managed IT Service You Can:

Security Software

Organisations are under increasing pressure from the need to enforce security standards both to protect the integrity of their data and to ensure their compliance with EU Legislation.

TeamLogic solutions can protect both your organisation’s physical and electronic data.

KeyTalk KeyTalk provides automated and highly secure digital credential authentication.

i-Sat i-Sat delivers secure print of documents outside a private network.

My Print Delivery My Print Delivery provides secure document and print on a “Follow-Me” basis.

Preton Saver Provides a complete audit trail for print including enforcing document ownership.

Fixed Price RM1599 Independent, Vendor Neutral Print Audits

TeamLogic, provides both Consultancy & Audit Services in our specialist areas which cover both Output Management and Digital Processes.

TeamLogic has great experience in the creation of a comprehensive analysis of an organisation’s existing infrastructure and its Data Processes.

Our holistic security methodology enables an organisation to get a better understanding of its overall organisational security risks and the costs of producing documents.

Our approach ensures better protection for the assets of your organisation.