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Our software will reduce your use of toner, paper & electricity, and so reduce your budget as well

Welcome to TeamLogic Systems, the independent source of software and consultancy

TeamLogic understands the budgetary reductions faced by most organisations, and traditionally, our proposals are self-financing. We have the software resources and skills to help you reduce your output costs and make significant environmental savings.

We are truly independent, and do not benefit from the sale of printers; we have no relationship with any printer manufacturer or supplier. This independence ensures our customers receive unbiased advice, designed to safeguard their best interests and provide true value for money.

TeamLogic’s own Klaros module revolutionises print audit and print management. For the first time users can avoid the risks inherent in traditional print audit and base their decisions on business intelligence; actual current costs and statistical modelling techniques. The move to a Digital Economy which is “Paperless” (or at least less paper, with rapidly declining volumes) requires software tools which move with the times.

TeamLogic can provide its software and services under Crown Commercial Services Frameworks
      RM1577 G-Cloud v
      RM1599 Independent Print Audit & Consultancy

Managed Service solutions

We can help support your business, whilst integrating our market leading software solutions to reduce costs and improve business efficiency.
We also offer a highly flexible and cost effective approach which is naturally predominantly Cloud based.
In either case, TeamLogic will ensure you enjoy timely and professional support.

Fixed Price RM1599 Independent, Vendor Neutral Print Audits

TeamLogic has great experience in the creation of a comprehensive analysis of an organisation’s existing print infrastructure and it’s true cost of print, and are able to provide consultancy & audit in this area.
In addition, our holistic security methodology enables an organisation to get a better understanding of its overall organisational security risks. This approach ensures better protection for your assets.